Ballots being counted for the Special Election

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- It's not too late to find your ballot and have your voice heard. You can leave them in drop boxes until 8 PM, and the Pasco post office will postmark until 9.

Ballots started to be tabulated this morning. This is video from Franklin County's election center. Going into today, Franklin and Benton County each had about 35% voter participation. The last special election in 2012 had 45%. Many voters are expected to turn in their ballots today. With school bonds on the line, voters are anxious to see results.

"Schools are important. Children are our future. If we don't spend the money on them now, then we'll be mad later," Shayleen Salsbury, a local voter told KEPR.

KEPR will post results online and on Facebook and Twitter as soon as we get them.