Bar fight busts in local business

RICHLAND, Wash. - It was not the friendliest way to be welcomed to the neighborhood. Just days after opening, one local business has to close thanks to drunken behavior in Uptown Richland.

It has been a dream of Amanda and her husband David to own their own business for the last seven years. That dream finally became a reality on Monday. The couple opened a franchise of "Just Roses" in the Uptown in Richland.

"Really excited to get this up and going, everything was a crescendo, it built up to the opening day it was amazing," said flower shop owner Amanda McClure.

And days later, this is what's left of their store. Police say a bar fight ended with someone being tossed through the plate glass window of Amanda's store.

"It's more depressing than anything," said McClure.

From the blood left behind and the near guillotine created by this window, it's amazing no one was killed.

Richland police tell me that even though this does not happen every day, they're not surprised when they do see it, telling me they normally see this about twice per month.

"I knew there were problems outside, I just didn't know this could happen, someone would go through a window," said McClure.

Richland Police tell me that they do regular bar checks at least three times a week, looking for unruly behavior around the Uptown.

"It has a reputation and that reputation did concern us," said McClure.

But Amanda hoped her daytime business wouldn't be affected by nighttime behavior. She doesn't know when the Richland "Just Roses" will reopen. Her biggest fear isn't the cleanup, but her reputation.

"It's my impression that I am giving to the community and I don't want people to think I slacked on getting their stuff out," said McClure.

The two men involved were both immediately taken to Kadlec for deep lacerations. KEPR learned one was treated and released while the other is in satisfactory condition.