Begging banned on more Kennewick streets

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Kennewick hopes to push panhandlers out of more parts of town.

You might remember, the city already banned panhandlers from some busy intersections.

From US 395 and Clearwater, to Columbia Drive and Washington Street.

Now, Edison Street from highway 240 all the way to Clearwater was added to that list.

Panhandlers are also banned from the road outside the Kennewick Walmart.

Knocking on car windows or any other aggressive way of asking for cash automatically bumps this to a criminal offense.

Panhandling near an a-t-m or a bank on Columbia center boulevard is off-limits.

People can't ask for money any closer than 25 feet away from there.

KEPR asked, "Can we see this ordinance go citywide?" Sgt. Ken Lattin with Kennewick Police said, "No, because you can't ban panhandling. That's a constitutionally protected act, so we have to articulate there are certain areas in the city that it's not safe to beg for money."

Police will continue to give warnings before they give out tickets.

Kennewick couldn't tell us exactly how many tickets have been written since the ban started but say the law has been effective.