Benton City wineries are hosting a dinner party to benefit their local food bank

Benton City wineries are hosting a dinner party to benefit their local food bank

BENTON CITY, Wash. - Benton City Wineries are growing more than just grapes. A dozen Benton City wineries have raised their green thumb to help provide fresh produce to their local food bank.

"If you look in here, we're getting some really good green peppers in here, much needed at the food bank," Shae Frichette said as she looked through her garden.

Shae is the owner of Frichette Wineries, and she came up with the idea of growing vegetables to support the Benton City food bank.

"Heck, we grow wine grapes out here, why not take a stab at fresh vegetables," she said.

Frichette said one in four children in her community suffer from hunger.

"Hunger is one of the things they shouldn't have to worry about," she said.

It is a harsh reality she said she faced as a kid.

"You can imagine being in the 5th and 6th grade being super hungry,” she explained. “But then having to see your younger siblings experience hunger as well."

A dozen wineries and vineyards work together on what they call the Giving Garden project, donating more than a thousand pounds of produce to the Benton City Food Bank this past year.

"To see how many wineries who were talking about participating, it’s a great feeling, it kind of gives the chills to see that much going on," said Bill Kitchen, the executive director of the Tri-City Food Bank.

Kitchen said he can't believe how much produce they now get.

"But to keep that fresh, you need the cooler space," he explained.

With this refrigeration need in mind, a bunch of the Benton City wineries got together and are hosting an event on Friday to raise the funds to buy a cooler.

The fundraiser is a progressive dinner party, where you can go from one winery to the next, enjoy wine and food, and all the money is going to benefit the Benton City Food Bank.

The Giving Garden Progressive Soiree is Friday Aug. 11 from 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM.

Tickets are limited, but there are some left!

Visit their Eventbrite page for tickets and details.

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