Benton County to hold public hearing on marijuana ban

Benton County to hold public hearing on marijuana ban

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - Those who feel strongly about the newest marijuana shop coming to West Richland will have the opportunity to speak at a public hearing.

Benton County Commissioners are aiming to set new limits on marijuana shops, and have even proposed a ban after West Richland residents protested and petitioned the dispensary going in at the end of their block.

The county will host a public hearing August 8 at 7 p.m. in the Benton County Planning Department, located at 1002 Dudley Avenue in Prosser.

Officials told Action News the dispensary owner is out of Spokane and found a loophole to build legally in the spot near West Richland.

The new pot dispensary will be located near homes, a church and even a preschool.

The Commissioners hope to either set new limits or even ban further marijuana shops.

Several people in West Richland have said they are in support of the proposed ban.