Big projects getting underway in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. -- We're always looking into how your tax dollars are put to work in the community. We looked into some of the big budget projects the city of Pasco has coming up.

Work is underway all over Pasco, but crews are just scratching the surface. Even though the city has begun work on a number of big projects, you can expect even more to start rapping up in the next few years.

"As a city, we have to look at the what the current condition is but also the future," says Ahmad Qayoumi, the public works director for Pasco.

Capital projects can cost a city millions. Often it's shared between tax money and government grants. In its executive summary, Pasco plans to spend as much as 168 million dollars in the next five years.

Pasco hopes to get up to 80-percent of that paid for by grants -- and not your local tax payers.

Part of those include safety improvements to Road-68 and the widening of Argent Road.

John Pontarolo is in favor of the building for the future.

"I think capital improvements are great for the city, as long as they're spent wisely," he says.

He'd also like to see changes go beyond infrastructure. John Pontarolo: "I'm in favor of money spent on facilities that make the community more habitable, like parks and trails," he added.

Juan Rodriguez wants the improvements, but he'd rather tax payers not have to pay for it:

"As long as we don't have to pay the taxes on it, I agree with it," he says.

Much of the money will go to improve the roads across the city. 30 million will be for the Lewis Street overpass. Also a new interchange for "A" Street and Highway 12. And ten-million dollars to expand the police station. Big projects getting underway now -- to keep Pasco moving.

Pasco is also redoing the soccer fields near the TRAC. Changes are also planned to Chapel Hill Park, those pool remodels, and adding playground equipment around town