Black Friday vs. Gray Thursday?

TRI-CITIES - Thousands of you braved the malls last night and today. Doorbuster deals began on Thanksgiving night. We caught up with a few die-hard shoppers to find out which day had the better deals.

These are the spoils of war. A sweet reward for fighting the crowds and the cold.

"I went and stood in line for over an hour outside before they opened in the cold...then I got really cold and my toes were really numb," said avid shopper Diana McGlynn.

Diana McGlynn and her friend Kacie Sams started shopping last night at 7pm. Just hours after sitting down for turkey. I followed them on their hunt for deals. When I met them, the pair was still going strong at midnight.

By that time, the stack of boots she'd picked through at first had been cut to a third. Both were hesitant about shopping on Thanksgiving, but say snagging the booty early was worth it.

"People were getting their sprint on. I saw some high knees, going across the court," said avid shopper Kacie Sams.

Most stores in Columbia Center Mall opened Thursday at 8pm. But other stores like ShopKo and the Walla Walla K-Mart started up even earlier on Thanksgiving morning.

Hundreds, if not thousands, continue to flock to the shopping scene at the mall today. And what's the appeal? Well, mall managers tell me many of the deals that started yesterday lasted well through today.

"I think people just want to get the best deals first. I mean, I want to beat everyone there, and get the best ones," added Sams.

Kacie and Diana started the frenzy again this morning. Still, bargains galore. Christmas shopping done. Game over. That is, until next year.

The lesson we learned, choosing when to shop all depends on where you go. High-demand places like Macy's or Best Buy are best tackled as soon as possible. It means more stock and better selection for you. But smaller stores like craft warehouse and Tuesday Morning work well for day two.