Bomb from World War II found in West Richland

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Imagine this... you're checking out a home to buy, and as you walk around the property, you stumble upon a bomb from World War Two!

That's exactly what happened in West Richland this weekend. And it may be the reason why you heard a giant boom on Friday night. Luckily the bomb squad managed to detonate the bomb safely and no one was hurt. The man who found the bomb thought it was fake. Police even said the 8-inch object was straight out of a war movie.

Sgt. Matthew Clarke with the Benton County Sheriff's office explains, "Kinda like a rocketship propelled missile. Small missile bomb. It has a longer tail on it with fins on it."

The Richland Bomb Squad does not believe the bomb was still active, but they didn't take any chances. It was found on Mt. Adams Road, which was used as a training facility for weapons during World War Two.