BOND 2013: Pasco makes plans

PASCO - The Pasco School District has taken their collective huge sigh - and is now moving forward with big plans to build three new elementary schools. Administrators met Thursday morning to discuss their next steps.

It's a success story. Pasco finally gets its school bond after voters rejected it two years ago.This time around, support hit almost 62-percent.

"I think because it didn't pass last time, more people are aware this time," said Pasco parent Jessica Christensen.

Jessica Christensen has two kids. One of them is in school. She's glad that Pasco will be able to tackle its overcrowded classrooms.

"There's such a need for more schools," said Christensen.

In fact, the average teacher in Pasco has 28 kids in a class. Administrators are eager to start building and are still reveling over the vote.

"A lot of high-fives, a lot of way-to-go's - and then - the Facebook just lit up," said Pasco Assistant Superintendent John Morgan.

So now the plans move forward. The district hopes to start construction this summer on elementary school number 13. Number 14 will finish its design phase early next year. Fifteen is also under design. It should finish the middle of next year.

"We really are fortunate in the community to have voters that value education for their kids and allow this bond to pass," added Morgan.

And, here's where they'll go. Elementary school 15 will go up at the Whittier Elementary site. Number 14-will sit on road 60 and Sandifur. KEPR learned construction will start on elementary school 13 at 52 and Powerline in June. Daily meetings will discuss the progress.

"Everyone talking about - oh, how happy they were and let's move forward together," said Morgran.

Giving Jessica's kids enough space for a better education.

Pasco will also find a new location for New Horizons as well as remodeling at Stevens Middle School and Mark Twain.