Bond money for Pasco Schools

PASCO, Wash. - It was failing by the smallest of margins when the first vote total came out.

Now, the tide has turned and the latest figures have it well within that elusive 60 percent super majority. The total is pushing close to 62 percent.

Community members and especially school administrators were hoping they did not have to go to plan B which would mean big changes for the district.

Assistant superintendent John Morgan said, "You want to look at that glass half full not half empty."

Half-full is where that glass looked by the end of the day Wednesday.
Updated tallies have the multi-million dollar bond unofficially passing.
Parents, teachers and administrators spent the day clinging to the hope that they could squeak out a victory.

"Bottom line is we need to make sure that we give our kids the best opportunity, the best education possible," said Morgan.

More mail-in ballots are expected to be counted but the results aren't expected to tip away from Pasco's favor. The district is desperate to ease the strain on over crowded schools.

Two other options were on the table if the bond failed.

The first, year round school with a multi-track system. Not all kids would go to school at the same time. One session would start in summer, while the other in fall.

The other option, double-shifts, keeping schools open from 6 am to 6 pm. Basically repeating an entire school day twice.

Neither option sat well with parents or teachers. That concern is relieved as it appears $47 million dollars is headed Pasco's way.

Morgan continued, "Hopefully we'll get down this road and get the schools built.

The district is officially one step closer, thanks to the voters.

The election will be certified by February 26.

The last bond put before Pasco voters didn't even get a simple majority.