Brighter neighborhoods on the way in Richland

RICHLAND, WA. - Richland is looking to make the city safer and brighter, while saving you money. KEPR looks at the changes seen elsewhere in the Tri-Cities to see what could come to Richland. It's a win-win, it's cheaper and it's safer. Brighter neighborhoods are on the way for Richland. The city is testing out LED street lamps. Scott Harvey lives in Richland and also works with energy-efficient light fixtures. For him this is an immediate bright spot."I think anytime we go after those things and look at the payback and with light, it pays back pretty nicely," said Scott Harvey.Richland's beginning the project of changing lights in a brand new neighborhood near Badger Mountain off Dallas Road. Current Richland residents like this new direction."It's good for the community, I think it shows responsibility for the city to go in that direction," said Harvey.But the proof is really in the savings. Richland hopes to find the same success as Kennewick and Pasco.Kennewick just finished converting all of its street lights last year to induction lights a different technology. The city has cut its energy use in half saving 165 thousand dollars. Pasco replaced half of its street lights with inductions as well. They do not have an exact amount of savings -- but say the difference is significant. "It's good for the pocketbook, it's good for our city in cutting costs in those ways, so that they can apply revenue to things that might be more important," said Harvey.Jan Rutherford has noticed the difference when she's shopping."I have a much more secure feeling knowing the program is in place and that they are helping to make it more well lit," said Jan Rutherford. Keeping it more lit and keeping more money in their pockets.The program will test nearly 160 houses in the neighborhood called West Vineyards. The lights are being paid for with grant money so it's no up-front cost to you. The hope is that grant money would pay for future lights which is what Kennewick did. Pasco is also seeking grant money to change out lights in the rest of the city. Neither has a set timetable.