Burglaries continue in South Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker is in South Richland, where there have been more than two-dozen home burglaries and nearly 50 cars prowled since July. In many of the cases, the owners were fast asleep while someone crept inside their home.

You can see some of the hot-spot neighborhoods on this map. Most crimes happened late night and on the weekends. Burglars are taking purses, electronics,- cash and credit cards. They're getting in through garage doors, back doors and sliding glass doors. People we talked to were surprised, but not too worried.

One couple tells KEPR, "We have a Jake. He's our Bernese mountain dog. No one is going to get into our yard without him knowing... It helps us a lot"

A few stolen items were recovered and one-person was arrested. Richland PD wants to talk about how to keep your home safe. Officers will host a meeting at the Cathedral of Joy on Monday night at 6:00. Everyone is welcome.