Burglary Crime Tracker: how police are cracking down

TRI-CITIES - You called with concerns over recent burglaries in West Richland and Kennewick. We took action for you..and pulled the numbers. And we learned these burglary cases are a mixed trend.

It's the feeling of invasion. You leave for vacation, only to come back and find your home ransacked and valuables gone.

"I just thought it was horrible," said West Richland resident Kathy Sahm.

Kathy lives in West Richland. Her two neighbors have recently been burglarized. She says the whole thing makes her nervous.

"You never knew what these people are capable of either," added Sahm.

It's why she was surprised to learn burglaries are steady in West Richland and Kennewick. Although it's a different story in Richland. Burglaries there went up by a third this year compared to the same time last year.

Across Benton County, July burglaries are spread out. Cases in Richland spread from Aaron Dr, all the way up north along Gulf Court. In Kennewick, those cases also appear mainly random. One along Brinkley road, and another on North Texas.

But in West Richland - those cases are mostly clustered. Hitting a neighborhood near Blue Jay Boulevard.

"You would never expect that to happen," said Sahm.

"They do these crimes in Pasco, Richland and West Richland. And any where that's close by to drive to," said Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin.

Police agencies tell us it's essential to work together. We took your questions over officer accountability to police.

Reporter: "How is the department working to lower those numbers?
Sgt. Lattin: "Well, incarceration works. So, we like to arrest burglars, we like to hold them accountable. And we know that as soon as we arrest a burglar - that's usually good for the majority of burglaries during that time period."

For residents like Kathy, it all comes down to feeling safe.

"It would be really nice to sit in the backyard without worrying," said Sahm.

The police advise residents to lock up and report any suspicious activity. It's also helpful to record the serial number of your valuables - to find them later. Most officials agree most burglaries occur in hotter weather. But admit spikes are also seen in winter months.