Can "Donut Hole" annexation be stopped??

PASCO -- KEPR is staying on top of the ever-changing efforts to annex the Franklin County "donut hole." A public hearing was held Wednesday evening to hear from residents on both sides of the idea of incorporating into their own city.

County commissioners say they are working hard to represent all sides of the issue.

It was clear, of the hundreds of people who showed up at the TRAC in Pasco, the vast majority are not in favor of being annexed. They say incorporating into their own city is their first choice.

One woman told commissioners Pasco has "taken away our right to vote."

But another woman disagreed. She is wary of how successful a new city could be, and says combining forces with Pasco just makes more financial sense.

The hearing was meant to be the first step toward incorporation. But on Monday the city began talks to start partial annexation, to essentially stop the incorporation process immediately.

Still, many residents tell Action News, they are fully prepared to continue their fight.

In fact, they have a Superior Court hearing on Monday, seeking an injunction to stop the city. They say Pasco has flatly refused to show them the water certificates and other documents that allow annexation.

They also say, if the city refuses to back down, they will begin work on another petition to reverse the annexation, and eventually force a vote on going back to being part of the county.