Candlelight vigil for Ben Ensign

RICHLAND -- Nearly a hundred friends and family gathered at the fingernail in Howard Amon Park Friday night for a candlelight vigil for Ben Ensign.
Ensign is the Richland man fighting for his life. He's been in a medically-induced coma for over two weeks now since a run-in with bouncers at Jack Didley's on the night of July 4th.
His brother Brandon told the crowd about the uphill battle Ben is facing. But he's encouraged by just the little steps his big brother takes in his recovery. And the Ensign family was heartened by this turnout.
Christina Feuerborn called Ben, "an amazing guy". Josh Logan called Ben his best friend and said, "We all know Ben to be just as strong on the inside as he is on the outside. And he will get through this."
More community events are still to come. The Branding Iron in downtown Kennewick will be holding a benefit for Ben on August 9th where all the proceeds will go to help pay for his medical expenses.
The investigation into the incident is still ongoing and no charges have yet to be filed.