Car plows into home; driver arrested for DUI

Car smashes into home

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Even with a demolished home, a fractured ankle, and stitched up lacerations, Aaron Myers just feels lucky to be alive.

“Everything was black,” he said, describing the moment a car smashed into his home last night. “I couldn't see anything.”

Just moments after he laid down on his couch to relax on Friday night, the unexpected happened.

“Before I had any time to react, there was a car in my living room.”

A car that left Myers pinned between his couch and his front door.

“Then I started yelling for my kid,” Meyers said. [I] Started yelling for my son. And he came out of the bedroom.”

“I got up and went running,” said Joaquin Ramirez, Myers’ neighbor who lives in the other half of the duplex. “I thought someone had crashed on the street, when I see a bunch of smoke and I see my neighbor screaming. So I ran out and I hear him screaming, ‘where's my kid? Help me!’”

Myers' eight-year-old son miraculously walked away without a scratch. Their guardian angel? Myers says it's his sons mother who passed away five years ago.

“I think his mom was watching out for us,” Myers said. “She was down here last night. She saved us both.”

He says he still can't believe everyone made it out okay... Including their two pets. But the loss of their home of twelve years left them sifting through the debris Saturday, trying to pick up the pieces.

“This is the only home my son has known. And now it's just gone, in an instant.”

Police say they arrested the driver, Jarrod Mendenhall, for vehicular assault and DUI. They say he drove through the posted stop sign at the intersection of Conway Place and 4th Avenue. He is currently at the Benton County Jail.

And after all this, Myers has one message he wants to share—please--don't drink and drive.

Myers’ landlord has set up a Go Fund Me page to help the family find a new place to call home.

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