Car thefts on the rise in Pasco, police say

Stolen pickup truck crashed into corner of house

PASCO, Wash. -- Pasco police are investigating a long string of car thefts in the area. A couple car thefts this week ended in chases and crashes. One car was stolen right out of a garage. Pasco police said they've seen it all before--people keep leaving their cars unlocked and their keys inside--and robbers are finding them.

"You know, car thefts, car prowls and stuff like that come and they go and they come and they go, but right now, they are kind of coming," said Brad Gregory of the Pasco Police Department.

Police say lock it up and bring your valuables inside--especially guns. They said that car prowlers are sneaky and hard to catch, so keep a watchful eye and let police know if you see something suspicious.

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