Catching a ride to school on a fire truck

WALLA WALLA, Wash. - Kids headed back to school in Walla Walla today.

A couple students made quite the entrance to campus they won a local contest to be chauffeured in a vintage fire truck.

Forget the school bus...or hitching a ride with mom and dad.
A vintage fire truck escorted Nya Neissl for her first day of fourth grade.

Excited, to say the least, she practically stayed up all night. Nya waiting for her chariot, a prized ride she won from Facebook contest. It was set up the Walla Walla Union Professional Firefighters. Close to 200 people entered four names were picked. One kid will get a ride every day this week. Nya's older brother benefited from his sister's win. He told me he could hear his friends now, "he's so cool."

The family piled in and soon they were off. They paraded down the streets of Walla Walla toward Garrison Middle School.

Thrilled and nearly speechless, Nya watched her brother walk off.

She said, "It's like a roller coaster but it's better than a roller coaster."

On the road again to Prospect Point elementary. As the solo truck parade continued through town all eyes were on Nya.

And why wouldn't it. Built in 1961, the truck was used in Walla Walla until newer models came along. Prisoners at the state pen restored it in the 80's.

As Nya's ride pulled into the school you could hear the excitement of her school mates. If you think Nya's parents weren't into it, think again.

Her mom Mindy said,"We were like, yeah, we're all excited, going to work late, getting to ride the fire truck, it's good!"

There wasn't any special reason to do this it was just because.
A chance to share a bit of local history with the community.

Firefighter John Maplethorpe said, "This is going to be an experience that the kids are never going to forget and neither will mom or dad. Ha, ha."

That's one sweet ride.

There was originally only going to be one winner but the department decided to do this all week.

They say it could become a yearly thing.