Changing smoke alarms this daylight savings

PASCO, Wash. - More than seventy-five percent of the house fires that the Pasco Fire Department puts out are at houses that do not have functioning smoke alarms.

Firefighters say the biggest message that they want to get across to local homeowners is that when a smoke alarm goes off it's a call to action, not a beep to ignore.

Officials say daylight savings this weekend can serve as a reminder to check your own smoke alarms.

"That’s the time to replace the alarm or replace the battery in the alarm. If it’s a ten year type of alarm, check the date on it, make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced." Ben Shearer explains, who is the Public Education Specialist for the Pasco Fire Department. "Fire just takes minutes to engulf a whole house in flames, so you need that early warning and detection in order to know that something’s wrong."

Removing batteries from an alarm is harmful to you and others, as is keeping a dysfunctional smoke alarm in the house.

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