City listens to Richland residents petition

RICHLAND, Wash. - Residents are digging into their pockets to fix up their neighborhood. The city gave the green light for new roads and sidewalks.

It's been a complaint of Letisia Lucas for the last year and a half. She has had to keep her five children indoors more than she likes. All because of bad roads and no sidewalks in her neighborhood.

"My seven year old who wants to be out riding his bike, but I can't just let him go ride his bike whenever he wants, somebody has to be out their with him because he can't be in the road," said local resident Letisia Lucas.

Letisia is not the only one. Residents around Mahan Avenue and Torbett Drive decided to do something about it. They passed around a petition to present before the city, to add sidewalks, gutters, and fix roadways.

"For me, it's having a safe place for my kids to play which is the sidewalk, not the street," said Lucas.

The city agreed, this project has Richland paying 25 percent of the projected $214,000 cost. Meaning each resident will have to pay $6,000, getting the neighborhood even dirtier.

"It's worth it, I can dust everyday, that's fine," said Lucas.

"The people that petitioned are asking to pay for it, they are stepping up in a big way to get this improvement," said Richland Public Works Director Pete Rogalsky.

The city tells me that this is not a project they would be able to fund on their own, but is glad to see residents are banding together.

"These people obviously have a lot of pride in their property and think these improvements make their life and property better," said Rogalsky.

An expense that has residents smiling.

"I'm super excited, I can't wait to see what it looks like and have the kids on the sidewalks playing," said Lucas.

Richland tells KEPR they hope to have construction complete by Thanksgiving of this year. The residents have 15 years to pay off their six thousand dollar share of the load.