City of Riverview dead in the water

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- Franklin County leaders voted against sending an issue before voters that would have allowed people to vote on the incorporation of a new city.

Commissioners voted down the petition to incorporate the area known as the "donut hole" into a new city known as Riverview. The "donut hole" is a portion of Franklin County surrounded by city of Pasco land.

Comissioners had the option of striking down the petition, allowing it to go to the ballot, or a delay a decision altogether. It was suspected a decision might be delayed because Pasco moved forward with annexation of part of the donut hole on January 1, 2013. There is also a pending lawsuit by donut hole residents against the city of Pasco. The city is seeking a summary judgement in its favor in that case.

By striking down the petition, the residents behind Riverview are back to square one. They would need to gather new signatures and re-file the petition with Franklin County.