Club sports coming to WSU Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- A little bit of Pullman is heading to the Tri-Cities. The WSU campus is expanding student-life services.

They already have the wine center coming. Soon, students will have more available on their campus.

WSU Tri-Cities will offer club sports like rugby, soccer and volleyball. New venues will give athletes a place to play.

The buzz on campus already has students talking.

Jana Kay Lungstad with the enrollment department said, "They're so excited, especially since it's a new program. They may have more of an opportunity to get involved than if they would be if they were at a larger campus with a program that had been around a long time."

Student housing is also being offered off-site at the Timbers Apartments, complete with a resident advisor.

If enough students use it, the school may build on-campus dorms.