Cluck cluck! Stray chickens wander the streets

PASCO, Wash. -- A family woke up to a few unexpected visitors in their backyard earlier this week. They can't seem to get a couple of clucking visitors to leave, and animal control says there's nothing they can do.

Hazel Batchelor made the discovery late Wednesday.

"It was kind of scary, because they keep coming back," said Hazel.

It was a group of chickens looking to find shelter in her home.

Thankfully for Hazel, they were gone the next morning, but now they were her neighbor's problem. They managed to go over the fence and into the next yard.

"Walked out this morning and he flew down, greeted me at the porch and has been sitting at the back door ever since," said neighbor Don Boss.

Now affectionately known as Colonel Sanders. The Colonel made herself at home in the neighbor's tree overnight and helped herself to the tomatoes Don had been growing. Don said he loves animals, but he didn't need a new pet.

"Our main frustration is we have a small dog, and he is used to running around the yard, this is his yard," he said.

Don isn't sure what to do because Tri-Cities Animal Control can't help.

"Really, we don't have much because we don't have a place to house them" said spokesperson Angela Zilar.

There is a certain gray area when it comes to farm animals. Chickens are legal to own in Pasco, but there is no ordinance to pick them up if they become stray.

"It's one of those situations, the cities are trying to come up with a solution, but no one has a solution," said Zilar.

Leaving the west Pasco neighbors looking for help.

"These chickens, raised as pets and when they can't handle them any longer, they let them loose some place," said Boss.

"Who is going to help us, I don't know," said Batchelor.

Don says the free ride for Colonel Sanders will have to end sometime soon.

"I just feel sorry for the next neighbor that will have to deal with it," said Boss.

Officials said there is currently no ordinance that solves the problem of farm animals going stray. Animal Control can only do something if they are a public hazard.