Community fills streets to welcome home body of fallen Marine

Community fills streets to welcome home body of fallen Marine

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Hundreds of people came together in Richland today to welcome home fallen Marine Dietrich Schmieman.

The procession bringing home Dietrich Schmieman was met with a reverent welcome.

A motorcade led the way--driving from the Tri-Cities Airport, through Richland, and making its way to Einan’s funeral home.

Many people in the line to welcome Schmieman home were family friends.

“He was a very good marine,” said family friend Lisa Thomas. “I just want to come out here and support the family.”

“We wanted to support them and let them know that we're praying for the family and their healing,” said Theresa Woehle, family friend.

One woman came and says she never knew Dietrich, but she knew he was a Marine. And that was enough.

“I'm happy to be here to help the family celebrate his life and be grateful for his service,” Thomas said.

American flags lined the road, flew high in the sky, and were proudly held by onlookers.

“The smoke has left a haze this entire time we've been waiting for him to return. The funeral will be Saturday, and then I hear it's going to clear,” Thomas said.

The community is invited to pay their respects at Schmieman's military service Saturday at Central Church in Richland at 10 am.

“He will be greatly missed,” Thomas said.

“Glad he could come home,” Woehle said.

Schmieman's military service will be a celebration of his life--with people travelling as far as Japan to honor him.

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