Concealed pistol license wait times going down

TRI-CITIES - It's a topic that always sparks controversy. Gun control. KEPR learned wait times are improving to get a concealed pistol license are going down.

Officials say demand is starting to slow. Kennewick Police say it used to take about a month to process a CPL application. Now, it takes about two weeks.

We pulled the numbers for people requesting a permit. Between January through August of this year and last year, permit requests spiked more than 50%.

Not everyone agrees arming yourself is the best choice.

"Only bad things happen if you own a weapon, and somebody comes at you, breaks into your house or something. You got a weapon, you're going to be shot," said Kennewick resident Chuck Ridder.

To apply for a CPL, you must be over 21. They're processed on the county or city level.