Concern about traveling salespeople goes viral on social media

Viewers flooded the Action News tip line and Facebook page with concerns. Young people going door-to-door selling odd items and being very aggressive to find out where children live.

It's been all over Facebook in Yakima County, the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla areas. People worried after salespeople knocked on their doors asking very personal questions.

"Asked if we had any children in the house and I said no," said Charlie Guist who was visited by the salespeople. "And he was persistent - really asking me if I had children in the house. I still told him no."

The stories are of well-dressed people in cars or on bikes speaking with an accent. And, the sales pitch varies. They start off claiming to sell magazines, books and toys. Then, eventually focus on asking about kids in the area and personal questions to whoever answered the door.

"How long have you lived there?" Charlie explained they said to him. "Are you the owner? What does it matter if you're selling something."

Chantel Orozco says three different people came to her door over the past two weeks. She says they kept prodding for more information. Some express concern about a human trafficking operation.

"The simple fact that they've been here three different times kind of worries me because there are so many girls in my house and children," Orozco said.

Detectives say there's no evidence of human trafficking. Mabton police officers pulled over 6 of the so-called salespeople. They kicked them out of the city for not having a business license. The best thing you can do if you spot them in your neighborhood, don't answer the door.

People have suggested this group is trying to kidnap children. So far, there's no evidence of that.

Police say the car they're driving has an Idaho license plate. If they approach you, take a photo or video. They can at least be cited for operating without a business license.