Conflict of interest? Jack Didley's owner married to Kennewick cop

KENNEWICK -- KEPR is continuing to follow the case of a Richland man who is now fighting for his life, after a run-in with bouncers at Jack Didley's in Kennewick.

Action News confirmed Friday evening, Todd Jones, the owner of the downtown nightclub, is married to a Kennewick police officer. We wanted to know if this could be a conflict of interest in the investigation into the Ben Ensign incident.

The Police Department tells KEPR Jones' wife was not on duty the night of the incident and has nothing to do with this case.

Authorities also say this is still an active investigation, and preliminary evidence has already been sent to the Prosecutor's office. Additional information is being gathered before any decision is made on whether criminal charges will be filed.

In the meantime, Ben Ensign remains in a medically-induced coma, after witnesses say he was brutalized by bouncers on Fourth of July night outside the bar.

Action News also spoke with one man who claims he witnessed everything.

Joseph Webb says he still has nightmares about what he calls "obvious brutality." He recalls security staff dragging Ben out the door of the club in a chokehold, then picking up the man's feet, and throwing him viciously to the ground.

"The noise that I heard when his head hit the ground, I'll never forget it. It was the loudest pop. It was like a small explosion."

Action News is told there is surveillance video that shows what happened that night, but since it is still an active police investigation, it has not yet been released.

Ensign is still in critical condition, as doctors are still trying to reduce the severe swelling in his brain.

Action News also spoke with the owner of Jack Didley's. He tells KEPR he stands by the actions of his bouncers and that video will prove they did nothing wrong.