COURT DOCUMENTS: Pasco man found dead in home previously convicted of attack

PASCO, Wash. -- KEPR is continuing to follow the double homicide out of west Pasco. Police still aren't saying if this was a murder-suicide, but they're not looking for any suspects.

We expect to know more on Thursday after the autopsy was complete. But KEPR learned a lot more about the criminal history of one of the victims.

Olga Peck's house backs up diagonally to the house where police are investigating the deaths of two people. This crime scene, coupled with a prior nearby homicide from February, leaves Olga worried.

"I told my husband, I don't want to live here anymore and he's like oh no, hunny, you're gonna be fine," said Peck.

The bodies of 28-year old Monique Williams and 36-year old Aaron Newport were found inside the home on Redonda Drive. A day later, police would only say a firearm was involved. They suspect Newport committed suicide. Both deaths were described as "violent."

We spoke with quite a few people on Redonda Drive and none of them claimed to know Monique or Aaron. They all said they were quiet and kept to themselves.

We spent the day trying to find someone who knew either person closely. More than a dozen friends either didn't respond, or didn't want to go on camera.

Pulling the court documents, we found that this wouldn't have been Newport's first brush with violence. He went on trial in 2008 for rape, assault and burglary. Court documents say he climbed the balcony of a third floor apartment in Pasco, to get to the woman inside. She was in the apartment with another man. Police say Newport attacked each person. Following his arrest, Newport was told to stay away from his alleged victims. Yet two months later, he attacked the woman again and was locked up for more than two months in Benton County.

Newport eventually went on trial for rape and was found not guilty. He was convicted of assault for squeezing the man's groin. Newport also spent three months in Franklin County lock-up for this crime. Now, more than five years later, Newport is gone. His friends established a Facebook memorial page to remember the former racer and jet skier.

Monique Williams was a registered nurse, who owned the Pasco home where she was killed.

"It's kinda scary to live around horrible things you know," said Peck.

Read the court documents connected to the case here. They include a statement from a detective in 2008 who said Newport told two people he would kill himself because a woman from a former relationship had "ruined his life."