COURT DOCUMENTS: Pasco teacher accused of child molestation

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- KEPR has obtained dozens of documents related to the child molestation case against Brian Dean, 30. The documents also include information on a past sex crime he was investigated for.

Editor's Note: We are posting the investigation report from the Benton County Sheriff's Department. It came with only redactions of the victim's name. We made the editorial decision to redact names of other parties involved, including family members of Dean's and also the alleged victim's. In addition, we redacted addresses and locations of workplaces as well as names connected to the incident Dean was investigated for in 2002.

You will also note we included text messages between Dean's wife and the alleged victim's mother. We felt these were worth including as part of a complete case file.

Finally, the state of Washington does not release mugshots, therefore our coverage includes only Dean's own personal photos that were obtained as part of the case file.

You may read the case report here.