CRIME TRACKER: Hot weather brings hot tempers on the road

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker learned summer can be the most dangerous time for road rage incidents.

Anger is boiling along our roads. So far this summer, hundreds of people were fined for driving aggressively and putting lives at risk.

What started out as a simple honk, turned into horror for Sean Michaels. A year ago, he had an altercation with another driver and was then followed for several blocks through town.

"He started cussing and tried to get off of car, but I drove off," Michaels says.

Summer is the time when road rage spikes in the Tri-Cities. The stats prove it. In January, Troopers ticketed 89 drivers for aggressive driving. But by June, that number tripled to 265.

"If you had a long day and it's hot (tensions) can get pretty intense," Michaels tells KEPR.

A case earlier this year highlights just how dangerous road rage can be. Back in February, a man driving near the Cable Bridge was chased and shot at because he accidentally cut off another driver. Luckily nobody was hurt, but several cars sustained bullet holes. To this day, police still haven't found the shooter.

A ticket for road rage can cost a driver $550.

To keep people safe, state troopers are relying more on unmarked cars to catch aggressive drivers. It's not a matter of keeping the aggressors safe, but everyone.