CRIME TRACKER: Burglars hitting homes in the daytime

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kennewick neighbors are being hit in the middle of the day. There may be a welcome sign in the yard, but no one thought that it would be taken literally.Ashley, who lives on Clearwater Place in Kennewick says, "They said some teenage kids broke in... That's just crazy."Ashley's neighbors in Kennewick had their home broken into last week.She continues, "It was a shocker because we have a cop that lives on the other side of the street. And it's such a nice neighborhood. No violence, ever. Nothing."Not only in this affluent neighborhood, but KEPR learned the majority of home burglaries happen during the day. And it doesn't happen where you might expect. Rebecca walks her south Kennewick street twice a week and never noticed anything."I would think typically downtown Kennewick or Pasco. I would not have guessed that we had a problem with it."There's been a few home burglaries in their neighborhood in south Kennewick, but as you can see here, these burglaries happen all over Kennewick. Police say criminals aren't taking advantage of a demographic, but an opportunity."They're all preventable. Most of them are non-forced entry," Mike Blatman with Kennewick Police tells KEPR.That means you left your door or window unlocked and a thief just waltzed in."Always have 'em locked. Doors, windows, cars, everything," Ashley explains.While it may seem like common sense, KEPR walked around a Kennewick neighborhood that was recently hit. Along the block, not one porch light was on. Mail slips were piling up at the door making it appear no one was home. There was debris under car tires, so they obviously haven't moved for awhile. These are all things that criminals look for and take advantage of. A few simple steps could make you less of a target.It's hard for police to solve these burglaries. People end up waiting a while to call police because they don't realize anything is missing at first. When they're not breaking down doors to get in, they could slip in and slip out without you realizing you'd been hit.