Crime Tracker: Homicides in Richland

RICHLAND - KEPR is following up on the homicide in Richland. It marks the third murder in three months for the city.

In June, a nine-month old was found dead in her crib. Baby Serenity Reedy suffered severe vaginal trauma.

Then in July, two teens allegedly killed a 17-year-old by the landfill. And just this week, a Richland mother is murdered.

This rate is the highest of any year dating back to records in the 70's.

"Whether it's an intimate partner or a friendship relationship, those can go sideways, but we as a society cannot exist without them either," said Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb.

Two homicides were recorded in 2002. Then came a seven year gap without a single incident. Richland reported two homicides in 2011.