Crime Tracker: malicious mischief outbreak in Kennewick

KENNEWICK - Half a dozen cases of vandalism in just four days. That is the alarming trend happening in an area of Kennewick.

Most of the incidents happened in the Canyon Lakes area.

Neighbors have reported someone blowing up plastic bottles on their porches. Several tires were slashed as well. On top of that, police say someone had written on the grass of Canyon Lakes Golf Course.

Neighbors hope to catch the criminals from their security footage. Police say installing a camera * can help prevent similar crimes in the future.

"Some people do have security cameras -- and if you don't have one -- it would be good maybe to get one -- that way, you can catch these guys on video doing crimes," said Kennewick Police Officer Keith Noble.

Officials tell us most of the crimes have happened overnight . But say they it's still too hard to predict when vandals will strike.