CRIME TRACKER: More burglaries being solved in Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. -- KEPR is always tracking crime in the Tri-Cities and it seems like more of us have fallen victim to theft and home break-ins. There is some good news though... more of these cases are also being solved.

James Anderson lived near worry free near Chief Joe for more than twenty years, until his truck was broken into.

He tells KEPR, "They broke the windows and took some stuff out of it. That was right in our front yard."

And it wasn't the first time. Their north Richland home was also broken into.

James explains, "I Feel violated."

Crimes like these are considered a top priority for Richland PD. Home burglaries are down slightly compared to last year. 146 so far, compared to 185 at this same time.

In Richland, there's a 40% chance of having a crime like this cleared. That may not sound high, but Richland residents have a much higher chance than the most other areas. Property crimes like theft and burglary have just a 21%chance of being solved with an arrest in Washington. But even Washington is pretty good, compared to the national average of 15%.

Although your chances may be increased in Richland, don't hold your breath. Investigations can go on for months before an arrest is made.
And that doesn't mean you'll get your stuff back.

Officer Calvin Nash says, "Time looking for fingerprints... Gathering whatever physical evidence is there. Talking to neighbors, the people in the area, the paper man, anybody who may have seen suspicious activity."

Even after all these steps, 60-percent of the crimes do go cold.
Chances James still isn't willing to take.

He says, "I feel pretty safe, but I won't say I'm 100%."

A big part of the challenge with property crimes is that people don't discover they've been hit until hours or even days after it happened. It leaves plenty of time for a clean getaway.