CRIME TRACKER: Tri-Cities has more violent crime than towns on the west side

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- In the aftermath of an increase of violent crime Tri-Cities, KEPR Action News decided to take things a step further. We compared the violent crime rate here to towns of a similar size in Washington. And what we uncovered is truly surprising.

Pasco and Kennewick have violent crimes rates that are comparable to cities like Renton, Federal Way, Bellingham, and Bellevue.

In fact, the violent crime rate for both Pasco and Kennewick is above the state average. Locals like Larry Singleton say it boils down to getting rid of crime before it starts.

"Working in the parks department, we see a lot of gang activity and lots of graffiti... signs you want to eliminate as soon as you can"

It's important to note that local crime rates were still below Yakima -- and the news isn't all bad. Richland had some of the lowest crime rates in the whole state. But judging from the numbers, these streets aren't as safe as we may imagine them to be.