CRIME TRACKER: West Pasco sees burglary crime spree

WEST PASCO, Wash. - The KEPR Crime Tracker is always keeping you up to date of crime in your area. We're digging deeper into home burglaries in West Pasco. There's been three dozen just since May.

Amanda Wegner hasn't forgotten the day she took a quick trip to the store. Her husband works nights and was sleeping in their west Pasco home. He woke up with a start.

"Our dog started barking, so my husband got up to see what was going on and came around the corner and heard a couple of kids in our laundry room, trying to get the dog to be quiet so they could break in our house," said Amanda Wegner.

Pasco Police say trouble is hitting west Pasco. Three dozen homes have been hit just since May.

"It is a scary feeling to know that at any moment some stranger is going to come by and break into your home," said Wegner.

Despite repeated requests, no one at the Pasco Police Department could tell KEPR exactly what neighborhoods or streets are being targeted. We were only given a general area, north of Sandifur and west of Road 68. This covers thousands of homes.

"The areas will shift in the city, all we do is try to warn the people in the areas," said resource officer Raymond Aparicio.

And for people like Amanda, some extreme measures need to be taken.

"My husband has purchased a hand gun and keeps it locked up and safe, but available if anyone comes in again," said Wegner.

Police say the best defense is when neighbors keep an eye out for each other.

"We keep in contact with our neighbors just so we can have a sense of safety in our community," said Wegner.

Police they believe one group of crooks is responsible for the crimes. They're kicking in doors or coming in through sliding glass doors while people are gone during the day. Their prime target is electronics.