Dangerous Outdoor raves hidden in Franklin County's backyard

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The raucous sounds of DJ's flashing lights and teens dancing the night away aren't just limited to a night club. KEPR learned Franklin County is hot on the trail of outdoor raves that spring up in the middle of nowhere. It's a great place to hide underage drinking and any age drug use.

Chase Rabadeau explains, "Basically loud bass sounds going on and it's just an excuse to get out and do drugs and not be normal."

You probably haven't heard much about raves in recent years. But they're still happening.

He continues, "I hear there's raves... All the time over in Seattle."

And in the Tri-Cities, too. The raves are just changing, going even further underground.

"Way out there.. kinda secret stuff," Chase says.

In the boondocks of Franklin County partiers set up fences, lights and loud music where no one can bother them. Chase Rabadeau is a student at CBC.He knows about the latest craze.

Chase tells KEPR, "I've been hearing about it more and more. Keeps getting more popular and more popular."

This isn't just kids meeting at Juniper Dunes for a secluded spot to drink. This is hundreds and hundreds of kids in their late teens, early 20's. Not just drinking, but using synthetic drugs. Out in the middle of nowhere, this is a serious danger.

Narcotics like ecstasy can be lethal even the first time they are taken.
There's no one to help in an emergency. And there may be no cell service in these locations, either. All of this makes these underground desert raves a priority for Franklin County Deputies.

"If we find them, or find somebody who's supplying them, we'll go after them with everything we have," deputies tell KEPR.

They want to end the resurgence of this fad before someone gets hurt.

Franklin County deputies told KEPR even with the uptick of synthetic drugs, officers most often find marijuana, pain killers and cocaine in our area.