Daughter of Pasco shooting victim speaks out; suspect charged as adult

Jorge Rodriguez, 51, remains in a medically-induced coma at a Spokane hospital after suffering severe brain damage. He was shot twice on July 4.

For Darlin Molina, it all began with a phone call.

"He told me he was going to go to the grocery story."

But as Molina remembers the Fourth of July, it was a trip her dad Jorge Rodriguez, 51, wouldn't come back from.

About 30 minutes later, another call came. This time from an unknown man.

“And he's like, ‘Your dad just got shot.’”

According to Pasco Police, Rodriguez was shot twice inside of his black Escalade by Pedro Cadenas.

The car crashed into a fence near Lewis Street and 14th Avenue. Police say Cadenas, 17, ran off.

After receiving the call, Molina rushed to the scene: "He was bleeding. I'd never seen him like that. But he still looked at me. Told me to calm down."

An ambulance rushed Rodriguez to Kadlec Regional Medical Center before being airlifted to a Spokane hospital.

Law enforcement found the suspect in Sunnyside and took him into custody.

Franklin County prosecuting attorney Shawn Sant filed four charges against the teen Tuesday afternoon. They are assault in the 1st degree with a special allegation of firearm enhancement, drive-by shooting, unlawful possession of a firearm in the 2nd degree and attempted theft of a motor vehicle.

Sant expects Cadenas will make his arraignment appearance next week.

As for Rodriguez, he remains in a medically-induced coma after suffering severe brain damage.

But Molina says it doesn't look good: "They don't think he is going to make it."

She adds that her and her family “can't help, but not lose hope because we love our dad and we want him to be ok."

It turns out this isn't the first time this has happened to her father's family.

They moved to the United States to escape violence, not become victims themselves: "His brothers all got killed the same way in Mexico and he moved over here to have a better life and not have to go through that."

"Just shows that you're not even safe here."

Molina started a Go Fund Me page to help pay for medical bills, travel expenses and anything her father might need in the future.

You can find that page here.

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