DEFENSE DAY TWO: Kelli Jacobsen's manslaughter case

KENNEWICK - A mother who lost her little boy found herself called as a witness for the defense. It's part of the manslaughter trial of former nanny Kelli Jacobsen. The Richland woman is accused of killing a child in her care.

Kelli Jacobsen's defense attorney spent the day trying to put reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors.
Doubt that this little boy was killed by his nanny nearly two-years ago. Doctors blame abusive head trauma for Ryder Morrison's death. But at issue is what caused that trauma. Jacobsen has stuck to her story that Ryder fell off a small toy. Ryder's mother Tawney Johnson was called back to the stand Friday. She answered questions about details on how she cared for her child.

"Because this happened so long ago, not everything is as fresh today as the first time you talked about it," said Defense Attorney Scott Johnson.
"With some things, yes," replied Ryder's mother Tawney Johnson.

The defense also referenced a text exchange between Johnson and her nanny -- the night before Ryder died. Johnson was leaving for her boyfriend's on the night of Ryder's first birthday. The boy was left in Jacobsen's care. The mom texted her nanny from the driveway -- asking if she thought she was a bad mom.

Jacobsen replied, "you know I don't think that."

The defense probed about why Johnson would ask that question in the first place.
The defense attorney rephrased the question a number of times -- but Johnson was brief.

"I did not answer that," added Johnson.

The defense also asked Johnson about her practice of sometimes having Ryder sit on the kitchen counter. She would put him there while making a bottle. Johnson affirmed she was always close by. The prosecutor even used Johnson to physically show how far away she'd move from her son. Trying to show to the jury she was always close and she wasn't being risky with his safety. The defense also hoped to leave jurors with the idea that something was wrong with Ryder hours before he fell ill and died.

All hoping to circle back to the theories that Jacobsen isn't to blame. Suggesting his mother could have caused his injuries -- or that we'll never quite know what happened to Ryder.

Jacobsen faces aggravated manslaughter charges. Her trial was expected to last another week, but has been quickly. The defense may also call first responders to the stand.