Defense: Ryder's mom may have killed him

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Ryder Morrison's nanny is on trial for killing Ryder Morrison. Opening statements captivated a packed courtroom.

They included a new defense theory on who's really to blame for the death of a little boy just hours after his first birthday.

Nearly two years after Ryder Morrison died we're finally learning the theories behind what killed him.

The coroner says a person killed the one-year-old. But who?

The state says it was the nanny. Kelli Jacobsen is on trial for manslaughter.

But in opening statements, the defense points the finger at Ryder's own mother. Claiming she was frustrated enough to kill her own son.

The case began when Ryder was rushed to the ER, dying from massive bleeding on the brain. Paramedics were frantic to find out what happened.

Richland EMT Randy Aust said, "I was told the child had fallen off a toy that was roughly six inches tall."

A second EMT testified he immediately doubted that story.

Steve Waite said, "He was flaccid, unresponsive. That just didn't sound like a baby that fell over from a standing position."

The situation was even more suspicious to medical staff at the ER.
This included nurses who testified to what they heard the nanny saying as doctors tried to save Ryder's life.

Shelly Goldstein, an ER nurse, was near Jacobsen and said, "I heard her say, I cannot believe I did this. She had stated, does this mean I'm in trouble?"

Nurse Carla May said, "She kept saying, I don't know what I'm going to tell her. I don't know what I'm going to tell her. She kind of repeated that over."

Of everything said on the first day of court, the hardest to listen to was the doctor who first attended to Ryder.

Dr. Peter Later had little time to figure out what was wrong.

He said, "I knew he had a brain hemorrhage. I knew he was probably going to die you know you're just grasping at straws, trying to find, what can I do to help this kid?"

The doctor said Ryder's eyes had already rolled back in his head. There wasn't time to fly him to Spokane. He died during emergency surgery at Kadlec. The doctor testified for the state that the story told by the nanny just didn't make sense.

Dr. Later continued, "I've seen hundreds of children fall, my own, I have six kids, and just, none of it made sense to me that that was even a possibility that he could have sustained those injuries from that type of fall."

The defense plans to show there was no way Jacobsen killed the little boy, claiming she wasn't even in the room at the time Ryder fell.

Two sides to the story now being presented to a jury.

Both sides agree Ryder had previous injuries.

The autopsy found old fractures and bruises that happened in the weeks before he died.

They disagree on who's to blame for those injuries.

Ryder's mom was in the courtroom for some of today's testimony but not for the heart wrenching story told by the ER doctor who desperately tried to save her son's life.

Jacobsen's trial is expected to last three weeks.