Department of Natural Resources says no burning allowed in eastern Washington

Department of Natural Resources says no fires for eastern Washington

KENNEWICK, Wash - The burn ban for all of Eastern Washington doesn't leave much wiggle room. Action News met with Benton County Clean Air (BCCA) to clarify, but they confirmed most things are off limits right now.

Janet Pierce from the Department of Natural Resources told KPER that barbecuing on a charcoal grill or propane tank is fine, but the propane tank needs to have an on/off switch.

But if you get caught burning anything else like yard waste, a campfire, or fire pit, you will get a fine.

Air Quality Specialist Alex Sligar said even though Benton County Clean Air is authorized to enforce the burn ban, they'd prefer not to have to go there,

" We just encourage people to be good neighbors. It's the time of year when these fires effect not only the air quality but also the firefighters having to go put out fires and sometimes the firefighters are out trying to put out fires in other areas and [resources and manpower] are stretched thin. "

Sligar said enforcement is second to education, and out of the 500 or so complaints that come in each year, they only wind up writing 15 citations.

Visit Benton County Clean Air to sign up for emergency weather alerts sent right to your phone.

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