Dinosaurs take Tri-Cities

Dinosaurs Take Tri-Cities

PASCO, Wash. -- To quote a famous 90's movie--hold on to your butts--Dinosaurs have come to the tri-cities!

It’s got a big head, little arms, and not to mention razor-sharp teeth. That's right—a t-rex has taken over the TRAC center along with 80-plus life-size animatronic dinosaurs.

Jurassic Quest is a family experience where folks can learn about dinos and even ride a few.

Visitors can also enjoy activities such fossil digs, inflatable mazes, and face painting.

"My favorite part was honestly watching him be so excited because they came to life,” Jennie Parks said of her son. “It was like they were real for him, like we walked in, and he was like ‘oh my gosh! Mom! It's a real dinosaur!’"

It's not too late to step back in time and see dinosaurs come to life--the show goes on Saturday until 8 pm and Sunday from nine in the morning to seven at night.

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