Disc Golf Club takes over Richland park

RICHLAND, Wash. - A new sports club is taking over Lawless Park in Richland. The city is signing an agreement for the Columbia River Disc Golf club to make itself home.

The golf club was given a one year trial run, in order to try and attract more people to the park. It's success allowed the city to give a five year contract to keep the golf club in the park. This comes at no cost to the city and the golf club are the ones now in charge of the upkeep, in charge of adding benches, picnic tables, and water fountains.

"I think it's pretty great, it attracts more people, it's good for the community, offers variety to people who want to play disc golf and fosters a real good sense of community," said Richland resident William Sisk.

Members of the golf club say that there are two other parks in which they play,Three Rivers and Columbia park.