UPDATE: Cause of death determined for man missing in Columbia River

Columbia Basin Dive Rescue on scene at Columbia Park in Kennewick, Wash. Crews searched a man that went missing in the Columbia River on Sunday night.

[UPDATE: 12:00 p.m., August 22]

Coroners received autopsy results August 21 that indicated Martin's death was an accidental drowning upon loss of consciousness on impact of the water.

[UPDATE: 12:00 p.m., Monday]

A western Washington man is still missing after a boating incident caused multiple people to be thrown off of a boat in the Columbia River, west of the Blue Bridge.

A Dive and Rescue team will continue to search for him Monday evening.

[UPDATE: 12:00 a.m., Monday]

Crews called off the search Sunday night around 10 P.M. and are now calling this a recovery effort.

Kennewick Fire Department says a dive is expected to resume the search on Monday.


Emergency crews are on the scene at Columbia Park in Kennewick Sunday night, searching for a man that fell in the Columbia River.

According to the Kennewick Fire Department, the incident began when a boat hit a log in the river around 8 P.M., August 6.

Three people fell into the water. Two have been found, but the man is still unaccounted for.

Officials say the missing man is described as a 34-year-old Caucasian man weighing about 135 pounds.

Pasco Fire Rescue and Columbia Basin Dive Rescue is searching the water. KFD also says that divers are searching the bottom of the river at the last-seen location.

Deputies from Benton and Franklin counties continue to investigate. Deputies said alcohol may have been a factor in the accident.

We'll continue to update you as we learn more.

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