Documents reveal past FBI investigation into Franklin County official

FRANKLIN COUNTY -- KEPR has obtained documents that reveal a past FBI investigation into Dennis Huston, the former Franklin County official once accused of theft.

These documents show former Franklin County Prosecutor Steve Lowe passed on an anonymous letter to the FBI office in Richland in May 2009 regarding an "alleged fraud by a Franklin County employee." Commissioner Rick Miller confirms that letter was about Huston.

A brief email from the Department of Justice to Lowe says "nothing" was found nine months later.

Miller told KEPR the contents of the letter questioned the hiring of Huston due to his criminal past. Huston had previously been convicted of theft from taxpayers while working for the Bureau of Reclamation in Montana. He served time in federal prison because of it.

Huston was arrested in January 2012 on allegations of theft. Franklin County suspected he stole more than a million dollars in taxpayer money while working for the Public Works Department. He was briefly jailed and then released when formal charges were not filed. The Washington State Attorney General's Office is still looking into the case. Huston was fired from his position as an accountant.