Donation helps repair burst pipe damages at Kennewick American Youth Baseball

KENNEWICK, Wash. – During what seemed like the never-ending winter, Action News brought you a story of a nonprofit Kennewick Baseball League whose facility was destroyed because of frozen pipes.

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We followed up and found out the news coverage helped get the league back up and running.

A few short months ago, President of Kennewick American Youth Baseball Tyler Tompkins took Action News around the destruction of the concessions and bathrooms caused by a frozen pipe burst and a spewing faucet.

"Condensation all the way through,” Tompkins said back in January. “Frozen, ice, just build up everywhere inside."

Worried with a tight-timeline for the season to start, Tompkins wasn't sure if insurance would cover damage for the nonprofit.

"Because we're an outdoor sport, you're at the mercy of things that are completely of your control," he said.

However, from sharing the story, one family learned of the damage and stepped up to the plate, offering a large donation to help cover the costs.

"The league itself never ended up having to pay anything out of pocket after insurance covered most of it and with that donation it was completely covered, so that was great," he said.

Now the concession stand is up and running because Tompkins said without it, it wouldn't be the same baseball experience.

"The concession stand is the face of the league,” he said. “You can't go to a baseball game without a hot dog and the kids, they enjoy coming to get the candy."

"It’s the heart and soul of the game experience,” he added. “Without that we still have the game, but we're missing a huge part of it, so it’s really awesome that we have it up and running."

Tompkins said he's grateful to lead such a family-oriented, supportive organization. He looks forward to continuing the great youth baseball tradition.

Coming up in May, for Mother's Day weekend, the Kennewick American Youth Baseball League will host its annual Pink Week to raise funds and awareness for all cancers with a silent auction and balloon ceremony. The proceeds will go to the Cancer Society.

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