Downtown Pasco development a success

PASCO, Wash. --It's always been a struggle to keep people coming, and businesses staying in downtown Pasco. But in just this past year, the Downtown Pasco Development Authority has managed to bring thousands more, in both dollars and people.

Husam Alsarama set up his smoke shop on Lewis Street with hopes that the area would flourish.

"My business right now is not where I wanna be, but slowly but surely it will grow," said Husam.

From the time he opened his shop last year to now, he's already seen traffic pick up quite a bit.

"There's a lot of people coming from different counties, different areas."

And that was exactly the Downtown Pasco Development Authority's goal.

Since Food Truck Friday began in March, the authority estimates over 5,000 additional people frequented downtown Pasco each week. That's estimated to mean $70,000 in sales just for the vendors.

"It's pretty cool. I think when I think when it first started we saw a majority of people that were from Pasco coming down and now we see a good mix spread out throughout the Tri-Cities," said Downtown Pasco Development Authority's Michael Goins.

Downtown also became an official main street organization. That offers tax breaks so businesses can invest back in the community.

"I'd love to say that we weren't surprised, cause that would sound like we knew what we were doing. I think we've been blessed with some of the success and some really good opportunities for our community to come together," said Michael.

Events that the Downtown Pasco Development Authority have brought in aren't the only thing attracting outsiders. The shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes has brought people from all over, just out of curiosity.

Yet that curiosity has given way to a new exposure for the downtown.

"Starting the year off on a negative note with some of the issues that have happened in downtown to really turn it to a positive image I think was fantastic," said Michael.

Helping transform a part of Pasco that people can be proud of.

The next stage of development will include redesigning Peanuts Park and the Farmers Market.
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