Drug house out of commission in Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. - After weeks of investigating, police closed in on this known drug house on Cullum Avenue in Richland. Some neighbors aren't surprised. They say this house has long been considered a drug den.

Neighbor 'Clint' said, "Well over 10 years, yes, this house. I'm hoping this is one of the final straws."

Clint didn't want his face on camera fearing retaliation and the safety of his family.

Cops showed up with a search warrant looking for drugs. When they were denied entry, they busted down the door. Five people in the house were eventually arrested but didn't go down without a fight.

As cops swept in, people inside the home tried hiding heroin, meth and other drug paraphernalia. A vehicle and other property were also seized.

Clint and many others on this street have called the cops countless times.

He said, "It seems like even though they get arrested they just pop back in the next day. They shouldn't be able to get out quite as easily as they do. It doesn't seem to slow it down a whole lot."

KEPR talked with several other neighbors who were too afraid to come on camera but say they are fed up with the drug activity in this neighborhood. In fact they say this isn't the only house that's had problems over the years.

Neighbors say their quiet streets have been slowly taken over by drug users and dealers. Clint knows of two other houses a few blocks over.
For now, he and others are banding together, reporting what they see to police, hoping to clean up the area.

"I love my street, I love my community and I want to see change, you know get it back to a good place to live," he said.

Police have not determined the amount of drugs seized and their value.

They will continue to comb the area following up on tips from neighbors.