Dying dog dumped at Tri-Cities Animal Shelter

PASCO, Wash. -- The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter reports a dying dog was dumped on their doorstep sometime Monday or early Tuesday. The shelter is closed Monday. The dog had to be put down.

On the shelter's Facebook page, director Angela Zilar wrote, "Please, I beg of you do not drop your pets off at our front door or in our front yard, while we are closed especially those that are dying. Yes, we are considered a kill shelter but we do everything in our power not to euthanize. We do not have a vet on staff at our facility and it is really an emotional time for a staff member to have to put an animal down. Your pet needs your love and touch all the way to the end, not that of a stranger and a strange place."

The shelter says that while the dog appears to be starving and pregnant, she was actually filling up with fluid from cancer. A veterinarian recommended euthanasia.

Following a post on the dog, the shelter received word that a donor was willing to pay a $1,000 reward to anyone who could help identify the person who left the dog tied to a post at the front doors of the shelter in Pasco. The leash and the collar were on the dog when she was found. Call 545-3740 if you recognize the dog.