Eclipse glasses for sale at local 7-Eleven stores

Eclipse glasses for sale at local 7-Eleven stores

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- As we prepare for the solar eclipse this coming Monday, the Tri-Cities store shelves have been wiped clean of eclipse glasses – until now.

7-Elevens in almost all parts of central Oregon, eastern and southern parts of Washington are expecting new shipments of polarized eclipse glasses tomorrow afternoon.

The special specs are $2.99 a package, which includes two pairs. The glasses are American Astronomical Society approved and safe to use.

But store managers expect these hot ticket items to go quickly. People have already come in to wait for the delivery truck.

"I wish I had known ahead of time,” said Richland Store Manager Shafique Ahmad. “I've got hundreds of calls the last couple of days, asking if we were getting more. First come, first serve."

Check with your local 7-Eleven for details.

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